Dental Implants

Glassman Dental Care’s very own, Dr. Benjamin Jacobs, a talented dental implants surgeon in New York City, specializes in tooth extractions and the placement and restoration of dental implants. With Dr. Jacobs’ expertise, we are able to offer our patients surgical services, in addition to our exceptional restorative dentistry, including extractions, dental implants, and bone grafting.

People are living longer than ever, and while regular brushing, flossing, and dental appointments allow many of us to maintain our natural smiles for a lifetime, sometimes our teeth just can’t keep up. If you’ve lost a tooth (or a few teeth) due to injury or disease, dental implants can rejuvenate both your smile, your ability to eat and speak properly, and your oral health.

What are Dental Implants?

Single Tooth Dental Implants illustration

Dental implants are titanium posts that are used to replace the roots of teeth that have either fallen out or have had to be extracted as a result of tooth decay or accidental trauma. Smoking, gum disease and other systemic diseases, such as diabetes, are also common causes of tooth loss. Either way, dental implants can offer New York residents a new tooth or set of teeth that look, function and feel very similar to the natural teeth they thought they had lost forever.

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What is the Dental Implant Process?

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An implant is a synthetic tooth root in the shape of a post that is surgically placed into the jawbone by our New York City dental implants surgeon. The root is usually made of medical grade titanium (the same material used in many replacement hips and knees), a metal that is completely biocompatible with human bone. A replacement tooth, usually a ceramic crown, is then fixed to the post. The tooth can be either permanently attached or removable, although of course, permanent teeth are more stable and feel more like natural teeth.

The ideal candidate for NYC implants is a non-smoker who has good oral health, including a sufficient amount of bone in the jaw and healthy gums with no sign of gum disease. Having said this, our talented and experienced dental implant surgeon, Dr. Jacobs, has treated patients in New York City who present with all kinds of challenging oral ailments and conditions.

Single or Multiple Dental Implants

Implant Supported Bridges illustration

Dental implants are versatile. If you are missing only one tooth, one implant plus one replacement tooth crown will do the trick. If you are missing several teeth in a row, a few strategically placed implants can support a permanent bridge (a set of replacement teeth). Similarly, if you have lost all of your teeth, a full bridge or full denture can be permanently fixed in your mouth with a strategic number of implants. 

Advantages of Dental Implants over Dentures or Bridges

Conventional bridges and dentures are not fixed to the bone, and can, therefore, be unstable, explains our NYC dental implant surgeon, Dr. Jacobs. In fact, bridges are only expected to last seven to ten years, even less with root canals, whereas implants will typically outlive even you.

What is Post-Treatment Care for Dental Implants?

Consider your replacement implant-supported teeth to be the same as natural teeth. They require the same daily brushing and flossing, and the same number of regular checkups. Just like your natural teeth, the better you take care of your replacements the longer they will last, said dental implant surgeons in New York City.

Implants are the modern choice for tooth replacement. No messy adhesives, no embarrassing slipping, no “teeth-in-a-glass” at night. With dental implants, you can laugh, eat, speak and smile just as you would with your natural teeth. Every day, more New York residents – and people from all over the world – are discovering the wonders of dental implants one of the most exciting developments in contemporary dentistry.

Only selected dentists, such as NYC dental implants surgeon Dr. Benjamin Jacobs, are trained and authorized to perform implant makeovers. We’re delighted to be able to offer these revolutionary techniques to our patients.

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