Wisdom Teeth Removal in NYC

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Some time between your late teens to the age of around 25, you may notice a third set of molars emerging from your gums right at the back of your mouth. These are your wisdom teeth – they are the final adult set of teeth to grow in!

The Problem with Wisdom Teeth

xray showing impacted wisdom teeth

The problem with wisdom teeth is that they tend to cause complications for your oral health, such as damage to the neighboring healthy molars, impaction (emerging from the gum incorrectly), infection of the overlying gums and even the development of painful oral abscesses. This is why dentists in New York are typically quick to recommend wisdom teeth extraction.

Recent studies have shown, in fact, that wisdom teeth that protrude through the tissue in a standard, erect position can be just as prone to disease as those that stay impacted. Over 80% of wisdom teeth will need to be extracted. If this is the case for you, then rest assured that our dentistry practice in New York City offers wisdom tooth extraction and we make patient comfort a priority.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction at Our New York Practice

Glassman Dental Care takes extra special care and uses the latest technology to ensure that our patients have a successful procedure that is not only effective, but also has a fast healing process with little to no discomfort after the procedure. Wisdom tooth extraction seldom takes more than an hour in surgery and we will provide you with any medications you need to enjoy a comfortable, speedy and successful recovery!