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Invisalign® takes a modern approach to straightening teeth.

Do you wish you had the opportunity to have your teeth straightened when you were a child? Do you think you may now be too old for orthodontic treatment? Have no fear, you are never too old to achieve the star-quality smile of your dreams with Glassman Dental Care, the leading provider of Invisalign® in New York’s Upper West Side, NYC, as well as on a national level. Dr. Glassman has improved the smiles of over 800 people using Invisalign®.

Invisalign® is a breakthrough in orthodontic care for people of all ages. Best of all, and perhaps its hallmark feature is that Invisalign® treatment does not require you to wear traditional braces, thus saving you from years of having uncomfortable metallic fixtures in your mouth.

We are a Top Invisalign® Provider in New York City

Our very own cosmetic dentist, Dr. Steven Glassman, is a top Invisalign dentist in New York City and a national speaker for Align Technology, offering you the chance to get beautiful, straight and even teeth without clunky, painful braces. The computerized orthodontic system consists of a series of finely calibrated, translucent aligners that slowly guide skewed teeth into the correct position, leaving your smile perfectly symmetrical, the way you always hoped it would be.

The benefits of Invisalign® include, but are not limited to:

  1. Because the aligners are comfortable and virtually invisible, your confidence will never be impaired in social and professional environments.
  2. You will be able to enjoy your favorite foods and maintain good dental hygiene, as you can remove the aligners for meals, brushing and flossing.
  3. Your time will be almost entirely your own, as you only need to visit us every 4-6 weeks so that we can monitor the progress of your treatment.
  4. Upon completion, you will be able to forget about your bite problems and/or tooth misalignment forever!

Want to learn more about Invisalign® to find out if it is a good option for you?

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Invisalign® Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Invisalign (Invisible Braces) And How Does It Work?

    Invisalign is a fully customized orthodontic solution for achieving straight, beautiful teeth without the look and feel of metal braces. Using a series of virtually invisible, removable aligners that fit neatly and comfortably over your teeth, Invisalign gently guides your teeth into their ideal position without anyone knowing.
    Even the most skeptical patients who ask Why Invisalign? will find these aligners to be custom-made for your teeth and your teeth only! That way, you know that the treatment will help you achieve a smile that truly fits every part of you.
    If you are considering Invisalign and want to know more about the treatment, celebrity dentists Steven and Debra Glassman can answer all your questions. To get you started, we have created a helpful guide outlining some of the most common questions asked by our patients.

  • Who is a candidate for Invisalign?

    Invisalign provides an excellent solution for most of the orthodontic problems commonly affecting both teenagers and adults: from malocclusions (incorrect bites), such as overbites and under-bites, to poorly aligned teeth, crowding and jaw problems. This treatment can be used to treat patients of any age who have either never had orthodontic treatment, or who have had braces in the past but whose teeth have shifted back out of place.
    The Invisalign system is incredibly versatile and has changed the lives and smiles of more than half a million people in the United States alone! It clearly works and almost anyone is a candidate.

  • How does Invisalign work?

    The Invisalign process, step by step, is as follows:

    • You will come in for an appointment with Dr. Steven Glassman, during which he will create an entirely unique treatment program designed to address your specific orthodontic or dental issues. This typically involves a session with our iTero® scanner, a sophisticated piece of machinery that performs a quick and painless scan of your mouth and teeth. The digital images produced by this scan are then used to custom-fabricate your Invisalign aligners, which takes approximately 4 weeks. Once these have been prepared for you and sent back to our office, you can begin treatment! Invisalign works by slowly and gently guiding your teeth out of their over-crowded, asymmetrical and/or skewed positions and into better, straighter positions. An Invisalign treatment utilizes a set of 18 to 30 aligners, and each is worn for an approximate period of two weeks.
    • Each consecutive Invisalign aligner moves the teeth little by little, applying a greater controlled force to the teeth each time. Many patients ask how much teeth move with each Invisalign tray. Every two weeks, as you switch out your aligners, your teeth will have moved approximately 1/10mm.
    • Throughout treatment, you will be required to have regular appointments with Dr. Glassman so that he can ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned. Unlike braces that require frequent adjustment, Invisalign check-ups require no more than one visit every four to six weeks.

  • Am I Too Old for Invisalign?

    Absolutely not! Studies show that not only have up to 80% of teenagers received orthodontic treatment, but also nearly 25% of adults aged 19 to 70+ have worn braces or other corrective appliances. The great news about living with Invisalign is that it creates a beautiful smile in a virtually invisible manner, never encumbering your social or professional life. In addition, straight and easy-to-clean teeth can help adults avoid gum defects, plaque accumulation, as well as heart disease, stroke and even diabetes.

  • How long will my Invisalign treatment take?

    Every single patient is different, and hence the amount of time that you will be required to wear your aligners will vary. The good news is that Invisalign works far quicker than traditional braces, with a treatment time of between 9 and 15 months, at an average of 12 months. Dr. Glassman will discuss the specifics of your individual treatment timeline with you during your initial consultation and assessment.

  • How often do I have to wear my Invisalign aligners?

    n order for treatment to progress at the prescribed rate, you must wear your Invisalign aligners all the time, aside from eating and cleaning your teeth. In fact, we strongly recommend that you wear them for at least 22 hours per day. The longer that you take your aligners out, the less impact they can have upon your teeth, thereby increasing your total treatment time.

    Having full control over your treatment is often considered an empowering experience rather than a nuisance!

  • Is Invisalign comfortable?


    If you have ever worn or simply researched traditional braces, you will appreciate just how comfortable the Invisalign aligners are. They are custom-fabricated to fit neatly over your teeth and do not have any sharp edges or metal brackets to irritate and ulcerate your cheeks and gums. In addition, the aligners be removed so that you can keep your teeth nice and clean.

    The gentle pressure applied to your teeth by the aligners may cause the teeth to become a little sensitive for the first few days of each new treatment stage. However, rest assured that this is positive proof that your teeth are being moved into the positions where they should have been all along!

  • Are there any foods I should avoid during treatment?

    Unlike during traditional orthodontic treatment, eating with Invisalign trays is almost exactly like eating without them! There are virtually no foods that you have to avoid during an Invisalign treatment, as you can simply take your aligners out before eating.

    Chewing gum is typically discouraged since it can stick to your retainers, and smoking can cause them to become discolored. While drinking water is acceptable, coffee, tea and red wine can cause staining, and all hot beverages can warp the aligners. However, taking your aligners out for these activities will not help because it will just lengthen treatment time or even lead to the reversal of orthodontic problems.

    Dr. Glassman always encourages patients to brush their teeth and clean their aligners after each meal to maintain a good standard of oral hygiene. Because immediate brushing is not always an option, an alternative solution is to rinse the aligners with warm water as soon as possible.

  • What are Invisalign aligners made of?

    Your Invisalign aligners are fabricated from medical grade polyurethane resin, containing methylene diphenyl diisocyanate and 1.6-hexanediol, that is not only exceptionally strong and durable but is also virtually invisible when worn. Invisalign does not contain any hazardous or harmful materials, such as phthalate plasticizers or Bisphenol-A (BPA), and is thus approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) for oral use.

  • Will I Require a Retainer After Invisalign Treatment?

    In short, yes. Once your teeth have shifted into the desired alignment, new bone is deposited around the teeth to keep them in place, a process that takes up to 12 months. To ensure that teeth do not fall out of alignment again, we recommend that patients wear a retainer between 12 and 22 hours a day for 3-6 months, depending on the extent of your initial problem. For the next 6 months, retainers should be worn nightly.

    To avoid compromising the beautiful smile that you have worked so hard to achieve, retainers should then be worn 3-5 times a week for life.

  • What is the cost of Invisalign treatment in New York?

    The cost of treatment depends on the extent of your orthodontic problems, your length of treatment, and the number of appointments you require throughout treatment, among other factors. Generally speaking, the cost is comparable to that of traditional braces, which is fantastic when you consider the advantages of Invisalign.

    It also serves to bear in mind that the outcomes of an Invisalign treatment are priceless! Not only will you have a smile that you can be exceptionally proud of, but straight, symmetrical teeth and a healthy bite are essential for good oral health. Dr. Glassman will explain the cost of your Invisalign treatment to you in detail during your initial consultation.

  • Will medical insurance help cover the cost of treatment?

    If you are interested in Invisalign treatment, you should first and foremost speak to your medical insurance provider. Many dental plans do provide coverage for Invisalign just as they would traditional braces, so it is definitely worth investigating. If you do not have coverage and could benefit from financial assistance, Glassman Dental Care offers flexible payment options through CareCredit, Lending Point and Lending Club.

  • How much does Invisalign cost on average?

    The average cost for Invisalign in New York City and the surrounding areas is $3,200–$6500. For comparison, traditional metal braces usually range from $2,500–$6,500. Invisalign has a product line that treats mild cases to complex ones.

    The national average for Invisalign ranges from $3,000–$5,000 and is comparable to that of conventional braces (as per the Consumer Guide for Dentistry). Nonetheless, only your dentist can confirm the exact cost of treatment, according to your specific needs.

  • Can you negotiate the price of Invisalign?

    If you have orthodontic insurance benefits, that will cover part of the fee. Most offices then will set up a monthly copayment through the office or through a third party company like Care Credit. For those without insurance most offices will ask for a down payment and then set up a monthly payment arrangement or use a third party finance company. A third party is like setting up a lease payment as you would for a car.

  • What is the least expensive Invisalign price?

    The typical price of Invisalign clear aligners is usually a bit higher than regular orthodontic braces. The average cost, according to the manufacturer, is between $3,600 and $6500. Your general dentist or orthodontist can give you a better estimate of the price.

  • Can Invisalign ruin your teeth?

    With over 8 million cases and 20 years in use Invisalign is safe to use. Invisalign treatment is not painless; however, studies show it’s 90% less painful than traditional braces. Most describe it as “firm or snug” the first 2 days and then it becomes more comfortable after. This is especially true with the new “Smarttrack” material. While you use the aligners, you cannot eat and only drink water. Any other liquid containing sugar can underneath the aligners and cause cavities.

  • What's the cheapest way to straighten teeth?

    Metal braces are the most traditional and typically less expensive than Invisalign for straightening teeth. The downside is that metal braces are the most noticeable and can require a lot of care to keep clean. In many cases treated with traditional braces will actually take longer than Invisalign.

  • What’s the difference between Invisalign and other aligner systems?

    Invisalign has over 20 years experience and over 8 million cases. They use a proprietary material called smarttrack to more accurately position your teeth. They also have a unique software called “Clincheck” for the doctors to plan the case.

  • Is there a way for me to see what my smile would look like before I commit to Invisalign?

    You can go to a dentist trained in the Invisalign technique that has an Itero Element digital scanner. A staff member can scan your teeth in less than 5 minutes and then use a feature called “Outcome Simulator” and you can see what your smile would look like after the Invisalign treatment.

  • What’s important in finding an Invisalign doctor?

    Experience is properly the most important factor in choosing an Invisalign doctor. The amount of Invisalign cases done by the doctor is a good measuring tool. Both Orthodontists and General Dentists can deliver the Invisalign treatment. It’s important to realize that this is a different technique than braces so the question of whether or not to see a specialist is less important than seeing an experienced dentist who has done many cases with Invisalign.

  • How do I get started with an Invisalign treatment?

    Simple! Just call our NYC dental office at 212-787-4860 and set up a consultation with Dr. Glassman. You’ll get answers to any questions you may have and learn whether or not Invisalign is the right option for your smile. As an Invisalign Elite Provider, Dr. Glassman has years of experience creating beautiful, straight smiles using the Invisalign system.

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