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Watch Full Episodes of the Lifetime TV Show SMILE

When Lifetime TV was looking for doctors for their new SMILE show, they came calling at the office of Manhattan’s most recognized doctors, Debra Glassman, and Steven Glassman. The show features the real-life stories of people from throughout the United States who have such poor dental health that it drastically affects their lives.

The people chosen for the show have such extreme dental conditions that they can’t imagine dating, working, or in some cases even leaving homes due to the extreme pain and embarrassment. The Glassman’s team up to face some of the most challenging dental conditions they’ve ever seen, to restore their patient’s smiles, helping them reclaim their confidence and pride.

The Glassmans' first SMILE episode involves a patient named Mark, who grew up a happy baseball-loving kid who had an accident during a high school baseball game that left him not only with a shattered mouth but a destroyed self-esteem. The Glassmans help Mark with a new smile and a brighter outlook on life. While Brooke had neglected her teeth for years and countless dentists said her mouth was hopeless and refused to help, but Dr. Glassman stepped in and helped Brooke achieve the smile she never thought possible.

On the season finale, Sarah wanted to have a baby but had such deteriorated gums that there was a serious risk of infection to her unborn child if she were to become pregnant. You can watch full episodes in the videos above to hear more about how these patients feel about the life changes that Dr. Steven and Debra Glassman created with a new smile!