Embracing Innovation in Dental Care: Dr. Glassman's Experience with Proclaim™

Embracing Innovation in Dental Care: Dr. Glassman’s Experience with Proclaim™


Proclaim™ is the latest technology in at-home dental care. You can now clean your teeth more thoroughly from home on a daily basis. Proclaim™ reduces the signs of gingivitis, the earliest stage of periodontal (gum) disease. It can also help to treat and manage existing periodontal disease

Dr. Glassman recommends Proclaim™ to patients who find it difficult to effectively clean their teeth at home between dental visits. Through this product we have seen significant improvements in reducing the amount of plaque that forms on the teeth both above and below the gum line. 

What is Proclaim™?

Proclaim™ is an oral irrigation system that provides a deep cleaning of your teeth with water. It is able to reach under your gums as well for a 360 degree clean. Proclaim™ consists of a custom mouthpiece that attaches to the irrigation system, giving you an automatic cleaning at the push of a button. 

Using up to 60 pressurized jets, Proclaim™ cleans your teeth with pulsing water that gets between your teeth and under your gums. Plaque is thoroughly rinsed away, leaving your teeth and gums clean and free of bacteria that causes gum disease. 

Benefits of Proclaim™

Proclaim™ offers many dental and oral health benefits for patients, including: 

  • Easy to use. Proclaim™ is easy to operate. Simply place the custom mouthpiece over your teeth and push a button. The system cleans your teeth automatically. 
  • Fast. Proclaim™ works in just seconds, giving you a deep clean that is more thorough than brushing and flossing alone. 
  • Effective. Patients who have tried Proclaim™ have seen immediate results in just a few uses. Their teeth and gums look and feel cleaner and healthier. 
  • Can reduce dental appointments. Patients with gingivitis or periodontal disease can have fewer dental appointments each year by cleaning their teeth at home with Proclaim™. 
  • Comfortable. Proclaim™ uses water to clean the teeth gently, reducing irritation and inflammation. 

Getting Started With Proclaim™

When you purchase Proclaim™, the first step is to schedule an appointment with Glassman Dental Care. Dr. Glassman has the necessary training and experience with Proclaim™ to create your custom mouthpiece for a comfortable fit. Once your mouthpiece is ready, you can begin using Proclaim™ on a daily basis at home for a deep clean that reduces the signs and symptoms of periodontal disease. 

To learn more, call 212-787-4860 or contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Proclaim™

Do you need to see a dentist for Proclaim™?

While you can order Proclaim™ online, a certified dentist must create your custom mouthpiece. You’ll need at least one appointment to have images made of your teeth that are used to create your mouthpiece so that it fits comfortably and offers effective results. 

How often should I go to the dentist if I’m using Proclaim™?

It is still recommended that you go to the dentist every 6 months for dental cleanings and exams. Patients who need treatment for chronic gum disease often need to have deep cleanings every few months. But Proclaim™ can reduce the number of appointments you need to maintain your oral health.