Invisalign® Treatment Journey

Join Dr. Debra Glassman as she takes you through her personal Invisalign Treatment Journey through a series of informative videos following her treatment process and progress.

Video 1

Dr. Debra Glassman is sharing her own Invisalign Treatment journey. Her main goal was to widen her smile and be able to see all 10 front teeth, along with correcting her crowding on her lower teeth. She has experienced significant plaque buildup and with this treatment, it will be much easier to maintain clean teeth. Dr. Debra has 10 trays total and in just 10 weeks she will have achieved a healthier smile.

Video 2

Dr. Debra started her Invisalign treatment by placing the attachments. Attachments are tiny tooth-colored bumps that are bonded to the teeth. They are used to guide specific teeth to move in the right direction as well as help the aligners stay in place as you wear them. With this first aligner, she will wear them for 22 hours out of the day for seven days.

Video 3

Dr. Debra continuing onto Aligner #2 out of 10. She shows us how to put in your aligners and how all the individual bags are labeled. She is saving all her previous aligners in their respective bags.

Video 4

Dr. Debra moving onto Aligner #3 reminding us how it's important to save all your trays. She explains how as we age we lose collagen, and how some women turn to cosmetic fillers to regain that fullness. She explains the correlation between teeth alignment and fillers and how Invisalign was her version of a lip lift. She recommends aligning your teeth before doing any facial fillers, sometimes that's all you need to achieve the look you are going for. We’re all for looking and feeling your best!

Video 5

Dr. Debra progressing to aligner #4. She expresses how fast her treatment is already moving along and her teeth are already starting to look and feel a lot better. Total treatment is 10-11 weeks to get her smile where she wants it. Teeth are already rounding out and she is starting to show more teeth. Reminds us how we lose collagen as we age and this is a good way to achieve a smile lift and lip support.

Video 6

Dr. Debra going on to aligner #5. Most more involved cases take 6-9 months. She briefly explains Smileview technology. If you are interested in Invisalign but are still not quite ready to commit, Smileview is a new technology that uses a single selfie to simulate your aligned smile in the comfort of your home! Her teeth are getting straighter, and her smile is getting wider. She has also been whitening along the way!

Video 7

Going into tray #6, more than halfway done! You will notice that the new aligners are tight as your teeth begin their new movements but by the end of the week start to feel looser as the teeth move into their place. Dr. Debra is about to get her cleaning. She explains that she really enjoys getting her teeth clean other than for looks, she wants to avoid having to do any serious dentistry for example, having to get a filling or a root canal.

Video 8

Dr. Debra going on to aligner #7. Excited to be near the end of her journey. Every week we see her smile getting wider. She emphasizes reaching out if you have any questions or concerns regarding clear aligners, cosmetic dentistry, or general questions. We offer complimentary Zoom consultations to discuss all this dental!

Video 9

Dr. Debra changed her aligners from the comfort of her home. Sometimes life gets in the way and we forget to change the aligners which is no problem! As long as you keep wearing the aligners it's okay to change a few days late. Clear aligners are designed to be on “on the go”. Since she is nearing the end, the movements are more slight. She recommends CloSYS, a brand of mouthwash that protects against cavities and fights bacteria. It has the added benefit of testing great and not staining your teeth.

Video 10

Dr. Debra is at aligner 9 of 10 of her aligners, she does save them all in case she loses one she will go back to the one she just wore. She also came across this week Coco Floss, which is floss that has coconut oil on it to help soothe the gums. It's a really lovely floss to use. It's a little thicker, which helps to remove plaque and tartar. If you have crowded, tighter teeth, it may be a little thick.

Video 11

Dr. Debra has reached her final aligner #10! Now you can really see 10 teeth in the front, and she is loving her results! She shares a tip for cleaning her aligners with the crystals we give all our patients. You soak the aligners in water with the crystals for about 10 minutes, rinse, and you’re ready to go! Stay tuned for her final results!

Video 12

Dr. Debra is finished with her Invisalign! It took three months to achieve her results, a beautiful wide smile showing all 10 teeth. In addition to the Invisalign, she did a whitening treatment to really give her smile that boost.