iTero Element 2

Cosmetic dentistry expert in New York, Dr. Glassman, was asked by Invisalign to evaluate their new equipment, the iTero Invisalign Simulation System. This system turned out to be one of the most incredible and useful developments to have been made in dentistry in recent years.

The iTero Element 2 is a sophisticated device that maps a patient’s mouth, thereby helping our dentists to recreate an accurate 3D digital layout of the oral cavity and all its structures. The procedure involved is quick, completely pain and discomfort-free for patients and is far more accurate than traditional dental cement molds and impressions.

The Glassman Dental Care Cosmetic Dentistry Practice in New York is now proud to offer iTero as an advanced alternative to traditional impressions, which can be messy and unpleasant. The scanner proved to be so useful and accurate that Dr. Glassman and other dental thought leaders immediately approved it and it was recently made available to the general dental healthcare community.

iTero Scanner New York

What is The iTero Scanner?

As it was explained, the iTero Scanner is a sophisticated piece of machinery that is able to produce highly detailed and accurate digital maps of the inside of a patient’s mouth. These are, in turn, translated into 3D images, which a lab technician can use to make highly accurate dental restorations and orthodontic equipment, such as:

Ceramic crowns: for the restoration of damaged/decayed teeth.

Porcelain veneers: for the treatment of damaged/discolored teeth.

Invisalign aligners: for the straightening of crooked, overlapping teeth.

This technology helps cosmetic dentistry expert in NYC give you the most accurate dental work available today! The system is powered by Cadent iTero. With five years of experience in restorative dentistry and 13 in orthodontistry, they are regarded as pioneers in digital dentistry. No More Traditional Dental Impressions or Molds

Previously, making molds of a patient’s mouth involved the use of bulky metal trays, which were filled with liquid plaster. These were pressed over the teeth and left in place for quite a while until the cement had hardened. Patients having molds taken were often left gagging and with yucky cement left all over and between their teeth. The iTero Scanner eliminates the need for all of this unpleasantness and leaves your mouth in pristine condition.

How It Works

When scanning commences, your doctor will show you the images as they are taken on the monitor. Once your entire mouth has been scanned and recorded by iTero, a process that only takes five to eight minutes, we then create a 3-dimensional image of your mouth. This will be sent off to our dental laboratory to have your restorations or Invisalign retainers fabricated. In the meanwhile, if you are undergoing Invisalign treatment, your dentist will be able to show you the simulated outcomes!

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