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Invisalign Manhattan, NY: Testimonials

Manhattan Invisalign Testimonial: Martin, 28, Financial Analyst

At my age, there could be nothing worse than having to get orthodontic braces. I work closely with clients in a corporate environment and the last thing I want are conspicuous railway tracks all over my teeth. I was so excited to learn about Invisalign because for many years I’ve wanted to get my teeth straightened without the mess and fuss of braces. My Invisalign dentist in New York, Dr. Steven Glassman, did an excellent job and was simply wonderful to work with. My treatment seemed to fly by and now my teeth are as beautifully straight as I always wanted them to be!


Manhattan Invisalign Testimonial: Alex, 21, Disneyland Entertainment

I’m kept really busy during the day and am constantly talking to and interacting with kids. So, the Invisalign system fit beautifully into my lifestyle. All I have to do is whip them out at lunchtime, give them a quick rinse and my teeth a quick brush and I’m ready to head back out again! Plus, the fact that they’re practically invisible is great, because I’m always bumping into cute girls. Best of all, the treatment time is much shorter than traditional braces, and I only have three months left to go!


Manhattan Invisalign Testimonial: Gina, 36, Media Buyer

I’ve always wanted my teeth to be straighter, but I just couldn’t face the prospect of ugly braces. It’s hard enough to get dates as it is! I’ve also heard just how uncomfortable they are and with my job, I simply can’t do with that kind of distraction. I read about Invisalign in a magazine and decided to book an appointment with Dr. Glassman, who is very well known in New York City as a cosmetic dentist. The aligners I had fitted were really comfortable and I was able to forget about them entirely during the day! My total treatment time was a short 9 months and I’m so glad I made the investment. My teeth are beautiful and straight now. I almost can’t believe it was that easy!


Manhattan Invisalign Testimonial: Ione, 58, Administrative Assistant

I had orthodontic braces when I was a kid and I remember exactly what it was like. Since then, my teeth have shifted back into their crooked positions somewhat so I opted for Invisalign. The difference is practically unbelievable. It’s so comfortable that I forget I’m wearing my aligners, very much unlike those metal braces I used to wear, the pain of which served as a constant reminder. I greatly recommend Invisalign to anyone who wants straight teeth and of course the miracle dentist who fixed my smile, Dr. Glassman.


Manhattan Invisalign Testimonial: Daniel, Age 38, Chauffeur

It’s a part of my job to be friendly and smile openly at clients. Now that I wear Invisalign and am well on the road to having straighter teeth and a more natural bite, I find myself smiling far more frequently. It’s easy and totally comfortable and my confidence has soared.


Manhattan Invisalign Testimonial: Jenny, 21, Student

I knew I needed orthodontic treatment, but I didn’t want braces. I’m not a kid anymore. I go to college and don’t want to look like a geeky teenager with metal braces. I didn’t want to feel embarrassed after eating because I might have great chunks of food stuck in my braces. Finding out about Invisalign changed everything because it provided an avenue through which I could get my orthodontic problems solved without the hassles and social embarrassment of wearing braces.


Manhattan Invisalign Testimonial: Lee, 37, Website Consultant

I don’t think a single friend, colleague or family member has failed to comment on the results of my Invisalign treatment. My front teeth used to be really wonky and were quite noticeably askew. My Invisalign dentist in NYC, Dr. Glassman, offered me a way to address these issues quickly and invisibly, which I’m really grateful for. No one over the age of 12 wants to have to wear traditional braces.


Manhattan Invisalign Testimonial: Breanna, 20, Waitress and Student

I’m quite neurotic about keeping my teeth clean, so I love that it’s easy with Invisalign. After eating, I can quickly whip out my aligner, brush my teeth, rinse it off and pop it back in. It’s really easy. I’ve heard that it can be quite difficult to keep your teeth clean with traditional braces, so it’s nice that I can benefit from the treatment and not have to struggle to get a toothbrush and floss in my mouth.


Manhattan Invisalign Testimonial: Gina, 31, Analyst Relations

If there was no such thing as Invisalign, I honestly would never have received orthodontic treatment. Braces are simply not an option for me considering the industry I’m in. All day, I deal face-to-face with clients and colleagues and it’s important that I maintain a dynamic and vibrant energy. Having a mouth full of metal and contending with the associated discomfort would have been too much of a hassle, so it was such as relief when I learned about the Invisalign system. I’ve already undergone treatment and I swear half the office didn’t even know about it at the time! All of them, however, can see the vast improvement in the appearance of my smile.


Manhattan Invisalign Testimonial: William, 31, Investment Broker

It’s happened to me about three times already. I’ll be talking to a close friend, family member or colleague and they’ll suddenly stop mid-sentence and ask: Wait, something’s different. Did you get a haircut? I’ll say: No, but I got my teeth straightened, and they’ll reply When?? I thought that took years to do!

Invisalign must be one of the best inventions in recent dentistry. Being able to get your teeth fixed and straightened in less than a year with something that is virtually invisible is simply incredible. I really believe in the product. I’m kind of a walking, talking billboard for it.


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