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Valentine’s Day gifts don’t get more unique and out of the ordinary than a toothbrush, but before you expect a slap from your lover for foregoing the traditional box of chocolates, bunch of roses or perfume – and for perhaps insinuating that their oral hygiene habits require improvement – listen to this…

The German-designed Reinast toothbrush is the Maserati of toothbrushes; it’s the Rolex, the Gucci and the Hilton of oral hygiene care. The Reinast toothbrush is constructed from premium full body titanium metal, which is the very same metal used for the fabrication of professional sporting equipment, fighter jets and NASA spacecraft. Titanium is an incredibly unique material because it is super strong and yet super light. It’s also 100% biocompatible making it a fantastic material from which to craft a luxurious toothbrush.

With Every Stroke, You Will be On Your Valentine’s Mind

If your Valentine is still looking at you like they’d prefer a box of chocolates, the following fail-safe sentiment will revolutionize their minds. You want to your Valentine to think about you all the time and with this beautiful gift resting safely next to their sink, you know they will think of you at least twice a day when they brush their teeth!

The Reinast toothbrush isn’t just a luxury toothbrush constructed from a very unique material. It’s also an incredibly effective oral hygiene tool and one that – with replaceable bristle heads and an anti-bacterial coating – will ensure that your Valentine can maintain that gorgeous smile you have come to know and love.

Best of all, unlike the expensive razors you’re expected to purchase fresh razor blades for, Reinast sends their clients fresh bristle heads every six months for 30 years… at NO cost. So, with your gift of a Reinast toothbrush comes a 30-year guarantee that your Valentine will remember you and your unique, extraordinary gift.

Dr. Debra Glassman Loves Reinast

New York Cosmetic Dentist

New York cosmetic and celebrity dentist, Dr. Debra Glassman, is a devoted admirer of the alluring and elegant Reinast toothbrushes. And when you learn about the incredible aesthetics offered by this innovation, it’s little wonder why!

Reinast toothbrushes come in four different and stylish designs that – being crafted from the exceptionally strong metal titanium – will last a lifetime:

  • The masculine MATTE-BLACK edition
  • The titillating TITANIUM edition
  • The sexy CHAMPAGNE edition

And, of course, for your sweet Valentine, the special ROSE edition.

The Reinast toothbrushes have revolutionized the entire idea of the humble toothbrush. Instead of something cheap and plastic that must be hid in a bathroom cabinet and then thrown away after a few months, Reinast has created a line of luxurious, ever-lasting and elegant oral hygiene products that can make the perfect gift: the perfect Valentines Day gift.

You can even get your gift engraved for your Valentine or have it bejeweled for that personal touch and individual flair. Bestow the Reinast on your loved one and give away a fine accessory that is as unique, beautiful and special as your Valentine!

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