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Missing teeth are certainly not the hallmark of a beautiful, sexy smile and yet, as strong as our natural teeth were made to be, they are not invincible. Sometimes, a tooth or even multiple teeth can become too decayed or damaged for even the most skilled of dentists to save and the consequences of the loss of these teeth can be disastrous for your appearance and self-esteem. What dentists across New York and in fact the country want people of all ages to know is that the star solution for missing teeth is dental implants. And this isn’t a matter of preference: it’s a matter of fact!

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is titanium device that looks very much like your standard screw. It is used to replace the root or roots of an irreparably damaged tooth and so it lies invisible beneath the gums. A qualified implant dentist will then attach a beautifully constructed crown to the top of the dental implant, giving the patient a new tooth that is virtually indistinguishable from its natural predecessor, provided that predecessor was in immaculate condition before it became damaged or decayed, of course!

Why Are Dental Implants Considered the Best Treatment?

Dental Implants

Experienced dentists in New York consider dental implants to be the best and most sophisticated treatment available to patients who have lost one or more teeth for the following reasons:

1. Dental implants function very similar to natural teeth and so you will be able to follow your usual diet without struggling, difficulty or pain. Additionally, they feel natural to eat with, unlike traditional teeth replacement technologies, like tooth-supported bridges and dentures.

2. Dental implants support custom-made restorations – crowns and bridges – that are expertly rendered to look just like a healthy tooth, or teeth and gums. Even the color of these restorations can be made to closely match that of the rest of your dentition, so the results will be beautifully natural.

3. Dental implants promote the good health of your jawbone by preventing atrophy caused by a loss of functional stimulation. By keeping the jawbone stimulated, your natural youthful facial contours are preserved for years and so is your beautiful smile and self-esteem!

4. When performed by qualified and experienced implant dentists, as you will find here at Glassman Dental Care in New York, dental implants have a fantastic success rate of more than 98%. This means that almost all of our patients can walk away with new smiles that are healthy and that will last them several decades. The odd case of implant failure is typically a consequence of pre-existing challenges, such as advanced gum disease or rare bone disorders, or of poor post-operative care. Our doctors will work closely with you to ensure that you experience full treatment success.

5. Dental implants feel natural, they don’t move around and they won’t cause the terrible oral discomfort typically associated with inferior dental technologies, such as removable dentures. Quite simply, they are the closest you can come to having natural teeth again!

6. Dental implants can last you for life if you maintain good oral health and hygiene.

Don’t compromise on your quality of life with lesser teeth replacement techniques. Dental implants are the star attraction of any advanced dental office in New York and we here at Glassman Dental Care are proud to offer this fantastic treatment to all of our patients!

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